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Over a million small businesses are looking for the best technology to instantly transfer money to any bank account nationwide. Partner with Eko, and we’ll ensure you have all the right ingredients to make the most of this opportunity.

Eko is one of India’s largest money remittance and IMPS processors. Now you can easily leverage Eko’s strong partnerships and robust technology backend. Offer your network, retailers and customers the ability to instantly transfer money to any bank account nationwide.

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co-branded solution

Personalized to Your Brand

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Design your own money transfer portal or easily integrate with your existing system.

Easy to Implement API

Easy-to-Implement APIs

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Simple set of APIs to start money transfer services.

Easy to Implement API

Higher monthly allowances

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Leverage Eko’s multiple integrations to allow your customers to send higher monthly transfers than before.

Easy to Implement API

Intelligent Platform

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Eko’s intelligent back-end automatically adapts to ensure maximum uptime.

Easy to Implement API

Comprehensive Dashboard

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An easy-to-use dashboard to manage Evalue, see transaction history and raise complaints.

Easy to Implement API

Superfast Evalue

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Evalue is the fuel for your remittance business. We are committed to ensuring that Evalue is given quickly, even on public holidays.



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Customized pricing for large enterprises

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Custom Pricing as per your business requirement

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We offer a very competitive pricing to match your business needs. Get in touch and we will reach back to create your custom pricing plan

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