From Professionals to Entrepreneurs: Levin Fintech’s story

In 2015, two professionals decided to step into the world of money remittance. A world where one organization was putting their heart and soul to make money transfer more accessible for everyone. Today, with the help of right people and technology, these two professionals are the proud owners of Levin Fintech pvt ltd, running a business of 25-30 crores per month.

Currently, among the Top 5 API partners at Eko, Rahul and Shyam Sunder partnered with the company for its sheer grit and technology. “The decision to partner with Eko was a very natural one, thanks to their idea and the robust yet easy-to-use technology,” says Rahul. It wasn’t the only technology that motivated him to join hands with Eko, the company’s strong customer base was another push in the right direction. With the help of Eko’s already established database, Rahul was able to avoid the tedious registration process and make life simpler for his agents.

Being new to the money remittance business, the initial challenges for the duo was to understand the complicated technology to help customers looking for an easy solution. What made them chose Eko was the step-by-step procedure, which was not only easy to comprehend (for both the partners and the clients) but also negated the complexities associated with it.

For Rahul, the real triumph with Eko is the phenomenal speed of the transaction and the response time, which has made it better than other players in the market. The smooth process also ensured that the UAT platform is easy for developers to understand. Eko’s unique parameters like the availability of sample codes made it easier for developers to work on.

While technology plays an important role, it’s the people behind it that run the show. The ease with which Rahul could call the team to solve issues shows a sign of great partnership. For Rahul, the association with Eko has been a long and rewarding one. Every part of his experience has made him feel like a part of the Eko family.

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