We are delighted to announce that Eko has launched Wallet based remittance/money transfer APIs. We, at Eko, have always believed that any network managers or other distribution networks should be able to provide remittance services to customers at their merchant outlets by simply integrating with our APIs. 


If you are looking to  provide remittance services at your merchant network, you have to simply follow the workflow mentioned below:

1. Check if customer wallet exists or not – If a customer checks in at your merchant, the first step should be to check if the customer has already used the services or not. For this, call Get Customer API. If the response is that customer exists then simply call Get List of Recipients API (Point no. 4) for that customer and otherwise call Create/Update Customer API. (point no .2)

2. Create a new customer wallet – To create a new customer’s wallet,  call Create/Update Customer API. The merchant needs to capture the following details to open the wallet:

1. Name

2. Verified Mobile Number – The customer’s mobile number can be verified by OTP mechanism or through a missed call. For completing the verification of a customer’s mobile number, you need to call Verify Customer API.

3. Add Recipient to a customer – After successful wallet creation, the merchant would need to add a recipient to whom the money needs to be transferred. In order for a customer to verify if he/she has provided correct bank account details or not, the following process needs to be followed:

1. Get Bank Details – To know if the recipient’s bank has account verification feature enabled or not, the merchant needs to enter the bank name. For this, you need to call the Get Bank Details API. This API will return if the IFSC code is required to be entered or not and if verification of account is available for that bank or not.

2. Smart Verification of Bank Account – If verification feature is available, then merchant needs to enter the account number as mentioned by the customer. For this, the Get Account Name API needs to be called. Eko returns the name of the beneficiary and other details when available in response. On receiving details like name of the bank account, the customer/merchant can correctly confirm if he intends to send money to the bank account he provided or not.

3. If bank account verification feature is not available for the bank mentioned then merchant has to enter more information about the recipient like:

a. IFSC Code

b. Recipient’s Name

c. Recipient’s Mobile Number

4. Show List of recipients for a customer  If a customer already exists, then a list of recipients needs to be returned so that the merchant can select the recipient to whom the money needs to be transferred. For this, Get All Recipients API needs to be called. In case the customer wants to send money to a new recipient, then Add Recipient API needs to be called.

5. Send Money to the selected recipient – After selecting the recipient to whom the money needs to be sent, the merchant would need to enter the amount that needs to be entered and some authentication mechanism like OTP or static pin to authenticate. After capturing the transaction details, Send Money API needs to be called. On successfully transferring the money via NEFT/IMPS, the merchant and the customer would receive SMS receipts for the transactions.

If you would want to start remittance services in your agent network, please check out the APIs at developer.eko.co.in or write to us partnerships@ and we shall get you started very quickly.