A developer’s story for building business

In a world where no data is safe, developing secure and stable money transfer systems for companies is no easy feat.

However, a man- Sanjay, the founder of Ceres Infotech- decided to do exactly this in 2010. What started out as a mobile recharge business went on to become the money transfer venture, brick by brick.

In 2015, Sanjay decided to choose Eko for his first venture in money remittance using the API services. In the last two years, Sanjay has worked with many companies in the money remittance business, but according to him the ‘ease of integration’ is something he found only in Eko.

A few years ago, the integration process was a cumbersome task. The time-consuming procedure took anywhere from a day to two to get completed. With advancement in technology, however, it now takes merely an hour to get the job done. Another essential part of the integration process is documentation. Unlike other competitors, Eko possessed proper documentation that simplified the process, even more, making life easier for Sanjay. Adding to that was a smooth service and lightning fast transaction speed offered by Eko, which made sure that the technology became adjustable with any platform.

For Sanjay, the two selling points of Eko are its ability to eliminate technical hassles and provide a stable technological system to its users. Currently, Ceres infotech makes software solutions in the field of mobile recharge and money remittance for more than 200 companies using Java and PHP platforms.

Sanjay’s association with Eko goes beyond the obvious. Apart from the technological benefits, he has also formed an emotional connection. Being the first API integration for his company, Eko and Ceres have had a credible partnership.

“The customer support and the manner in which Eko has dealt with my concerns and queries is tremendous. Such a service and trust motivates me to continue my work with Eko,” claims Sanjay.

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