API Platform

Eko enables you to facilitate and deliver customized payment solution for your customers and partners. Eko has made a set of simple yet powerful REST APIs that can be leveraged by any organization to develop their own payment solution.


Over 300 partners currently use EKO’s APIs to power their financial infrastructure, providing services ranging from Domestic Money Transfers to AePS and more.

Eko API Partner Network


Eko’s network currently powers over 1.2 Lakh retail merchants facilitating over 5 million transactions every month. We touch the lives of over 5 crore individuals and help them with the last mile inclusion in the Indian financial system.


Our state-of-the-art portal “Connect” binds together a diverse network of retailers, distributors, network partners and managers to offer seamless money transfer and payment services to customers.

About Eko

Eko was started 12 years ago with the goal of helping over 70 crore individuals residing in small towns and villages across India. Today, Eko has successfully touched lives of over 5 crore people and helped them to be a part of Digital India revolution. We do this by leveraging our state of the art infrastructure and technologies based out of the capital, Delhi.

Drop us a line if you’d like to be a part of the revolution and help Digital India discover “Bharat”.

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