About Us

In 2007, Eko was established with a mission of enabling any financial transaction for anybody from anywhere. Eko now runs one of the largest and the most efficient domestic money transfer services in the country in partnership with banks and also has a Prepaid Payment Instrument license from RBI.

Eko has created a mechanism to service ‘cash’ customers through our platform. Till date, Eko has serviced more than 30 million customers”

API First Platform

Eko API Partner Network

We, at Eko, believe that companies and developer community should be able to deliver customized payment solution to their customers. Imagine, a different payment application basis different income category. For this, Eko has made available a set of simple but powerful REST APIs that can be leveraged by any organization to develop their own payment solution.

Currently, Eko’s API is being used by +100 partners to power their offline networks with Instant Money Transfer solution”

Retail Network

Eko has built a technology-driven retail network allowing relevant stakeholders to run a super-efficient, fast-moving company that generates high ROI for the retail merchants.

It does this through its state-of-the-art portal “Connect” that binds together a diverse network of retailers, distributors, network partners and managers to offer seamless money transfer and payment services to customers.

Currently, this network consists of +20k retailers across 50 cities

Partner Stories

From Professionals to Entrepreneurs: Levin Fintech’s story

In 2015, two professionals decided to step into the world of money remittance. A world where one organization was putting their heart and soul to make money…

A developer’s story for building business
In a world where no data is safe, developing secure and stable money transfer systems for companies is no easy feat. However, a man- Sanjay, the founder of Ceres Infotech- decided to do exactly this in 2010.

From mobile recharge to money remittance: PayBingo’s story
With a vision and grit to make life easier for many, Parveen Wadhwa, decided to take on the world of money remittance head-on in 2016. Today, his company, Pranav, has a yearly business of 109 crores and a target of 700 crores for the current year.


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Why Security is Essential for our API Partners? Security 2.0 is all you need to know!

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Now IMPS is always available for all transactions on Connect!

  A major pain point for our distributors, API partners and merchants was the unavailability of IMPS for certain recipient banks while remitting money. In such situations, we would compel…

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API + RESTful API. An introduction. Plain and simple

Connect! From Appliance Plumbing Interface… Imagine that you have just designed a water faucet/ tap which dispenses water only if your fingerprint matches (however strange this may sound, I believe…

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