• “Kallu bhai’s shop next door is now my bank!”
    - Phool Devi. One of our two million plus happy customers
  • “By taking existing infrastructure and spare capacity among mobile networks, Eko model could dramatically reduce costs for service providers and customers alike.”
    - Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft
  • “Eko is an example of great innovation for financial services in India and I want to highlight the extent of innovation here. I don’t think India needs any help in this area.”
    - Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary-USA
  • “Eko is an example of a supreme garage innovation! If you thought the rate of change was fast thanks to the garage innovators of Silicon Valley, wait until the garages of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore get fully up to speed. I sure hope we’re ready –NYT”
    - Thomas Friedman, winner of Pulitzer Prize and NYT columnist